Umbra is our player versus player squad for Galactic Starfighter (GSF) and Player Versus Player (PVP) combat! We are looking for new members who enjoy doing PvP and/or GSF to join Umbra and experience these exciting activities with us. Journey to victory with Umbra!

Meetings: Wednesdays at 5:30 pm PT on the Guild Flagship, Hangar Deck, Left Room. Meetings alternate between Republic and Imperial factions weekly.


War Master (Lead): Brid'da

War Generals (Co-Leads): Noriya, Bigstorm, Yishai, Rylana-dionysis, Zaskâr, Smoked Brisket-rmsi


War Master (Lead): Brid'da Zal

War Generals (Co-Leads): Anelder, Chicomalvado, Rea Ver, Kailianna, Zaskár, Smoked Brisket-epsi

Cross-Faction Wednesdays

When: Last Wednesday of the month

Time: 5:30 pm PT

Cross-Faction Wednesdays feature a special cross-faction event! These include open-world faction battles, PVP achievement hunting, and more! 

Rules and Guidelines

Umbra Points and Cadre Ranks


UM 5: Soldier

UM 15: Veteran (Black and Deep Red Dye)

UM 25: Destroyer

UM 50: Annihilator

UM 75: War Mongrel

UM 100: Conqueror


All Umbra members are able to take advantage of a weekly augment allowance to facilitate end-game gearing. The quality and number of augments is dependent of on the number of UM points that you have. This program is entirely funded by the guild and made possible through the hard work of our Forge cadre. 

Additionally, you will be awarded the Umbra Dye, [Black and Deep Red Dye Module], and 1 EP at your promotion to Veteran (UM15) rank.