If you’d like to support guild the guild in a larger way, through funds and prizes for our many events, you can join our Finance cadre! If interested, contact a finance officer (LDFN or CLFN in member notes).


Republic Finance Officers:

Lead: Laffy Nine  

Co-Leads: Ting Tsao, Eta'ki, Noriya, Kap'iushon, Anton, Trip O'brien, Reb'en, Reddyan, Amsadnen

Imperial Finance Officers:

Lead: Lacey Nine 

Co-Leads: Waen, Zi-kin, Anelder, Kap'ture, Anton, Ezri Jaro, Reb'en Kurranaba, Eben Khor, Halkto

Joining Finance

There are 2 options to pursue in Finance:

Finance Officer (FO) track: 3 Million credits and 3-4 Cartel Market items weekly for Guild Giveaways OR a Cartel PACK.

Junior Finance Officer (JFO) track: Mail 500k credits a week and 2 Cartel Market items weekly.