Eternal Legends RP cadre performs roleplay based on the legacy of our Order, story-wise weekly at the guild stronghold on Sunday at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST. 

If interested in our historic and story-based roleplay cadre, contact a Legends officer.


Lead: Noriya 

Co-Leads: Phosphorix, Qualkedni, Ayumi Morits


Lead: Anelder

Co-Leads: Obsidianne, Furbojo, Pi'rire

The Eternal Order is a secret Order created from the belief that the Force is neither Light nor Dark and yet both, that it is Eternal Force that maintains everything, and through the unity of Light and Dark they will gain the blessings and knowledge of what they call "The Eternal Force."

One of the goals of The Eternal Order is the protection and safety of the Galaxy as a whole from those who would seek to bring destruction and calamity, even defending both the Empire and Republic if necessary. Its members are primarily composed of Jedi and Sith, members of the Republic and Imperial militaries, Freelancers and other Privateers.

Some Eternites fight for credits and others for honor, some for family and others for the hope of peace. And though they each come from different backgrounds and pasts, they each have their own motives and reasons to fight. Most truly believe that the Order's cause is a righteous one.

“We fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. We are the hidden blade and shield in defense of the galaxy. We walk the Path of Eternity and we stand united. We are The Eternal Order and we stand ready.”

Eternal Code

Peace and Serenity are achieved through mastery and balance of passion.

Passion for knowledge and strength overcomes ignorance.

Power in balance brings victory over chaos, ushering in harmony and prosperity.

Freedom and Victory against chaos is found in the Eternal Force.

Even in death, there is life in the Eternal Force.