Are you social? Persuasive? Do you like using the game’s chat? Well, now you can help the guild grow and strengthen by joining Eternal Heralds cadre and recruiting! The Eternal Heralds, the Elite recruiting cadre of The Eternal Order, has the vital purpose to recruit the next generation of members into the guild! 

Meetings are Tuesday at 5:30 pm PT at the Guild Stronghold.


Lead: Trip O'brien 

Co-Leads: Qualkedni, Eta'ki, Zairsunrider, Reb'en, Lymbock, Soldierkatarn


Lead: Ezri Jaro

Co-Leads: Furbojo, Zi-kin, Eclipsesunrider, Reb'en Kurranaba, Grekltins, Bountykatarn

Recruiting Procedure

Welcome to The Eternal Heralds, the recruitment cadre of our guild, The Eternal Order. 

Here is our recruiting procedure for use by a Herald: (Please contact Heralds officer to join the Eternal Heralds before recruiting)

Example Guild Ads

Want to join a Top Social PvE/PvP/RP guild? <The Eternal Order> has Flagship, Guild Bank and Yavin HQ!. We are a friendly and active guild that will help you do leveling/RP/OPS/World Boss hunts/races and much more. Whisper me to join!

<The Eternal Order> is looking to grow its vast army. Are you ready to be part of the quickest growing & powerful guilds? Recently #1 in conquest on <planet name here> and not stopping there. We do it all, RP, PvE, PvP. Whisper me to start your Eternal experience.

Guild Recruitment Interview

If someone responds, start off by asking them questions from the guild recruitment interview, one at a time. An affirmative response is expected to all questions.

Start off with: As per procedure, I would like to ask you 3 questions. Is that ok?

Inviting to the Guild

Each new recruit is welcomed to the guild.

Heralds Requirements

To maintain a Herald status and privileges, Heralds must recruit 5-10 players weekly at minimum. Recruit names to be mail to the Heralds Lead.

Herald Ranks

This is the in cadre promotion method:

Recruitment Tips and Tricks

A few tips, tricks and things to remember as our rules: