Welcome Eternites! Delta Legion is looking for the best of the best to join our endgame Operations and master mode Flashpoints/Uprisings cadre.  We are looking for talented and dedicated players willing to work together towards the common goal of crushing endgame PVE content.

While we are very happy to accept war-worn and grizzled veterans of PvE content, we also understand that newer soldiers need a supportive place for basic training and experience.  As such, if you’re genuinely interested in learning, then do not hesitate to ask a Delta leader to help you get started.

Republic Delta:

Meeting: Fridays 5:30 pm PT

Overseers: Aecyer, Lythaliel, Zergling-rushg, Iccorius
Co-leads: Bigstorm, Zivizza, Laffy Nine, Geautier, Donkeeohtee, Amsadnen

Imperial Delta:

Meeting: Tuesdays 6:30 pm PT
Overseers: Aecyerr, Arakiel, Zergling-rushj, Kidiccorius
Co-leads: Chicomalvado, Rea Ver, Bridda Zal, Kaacen, Arktairon, Gunboat

Other events

Delta Fun Run: Saturdays 9:30 am PT (faction rotating every week with the guild meeting). 

Daily guild groups for operations, flashpoints and uprisings also form out of TEO Discord #lfg.

Delta Legion Points, Cadre Ranks and Perks

You earn +1 DL (Delta Legion) point per successful run that meets the expectations of the Delta Leadership.

All Delta Legion members are able to take advantage of a weekly augment allowance to facilitate end-game gearing. The quality and number of augments is dependent of on the number of DL points that you have. This program is entirely funded by the guild and made possible through the hard work of our Forge cadre.

Delta Legion Discord Information

Delta Legion has special channels on the TEO Discord server geared toward facilitating verbal communication during operations. Please note: Discord is required for all Delta Legion-sponsored events. Having to talk in channel is not mandatory, but you should be able to listen to directions.

You will not be able to see these channels without the required Delta Legion Discord role, so please join the Social #Event Night channel and you will be pulled to the correct place and a role assigned.

If accommodations for any disabilities must be made, please let any Delta Legion Overseer or Co-Lead know.

The TEO Discord is at: https://discord.gg/BryUYCn. It can be run through the desktop client (please open it as an Administrator) or in your web browser by copying and pasting that link into your address bar.

Delta Legion Starparse Information

Whether tank, dps or heals, parsing can give you valuable information on improving your individual performance in endgame PVE content. Though no one is required to run a parsing program on Delta Nights, an easy to use SWTOR parsing program is Starparse, available from ixparse.com.

Rules and Regulations

All guild rules apply directly to Delta Legion. This includes making sure ALL raid members are alive and present before looting, and listening to your group's Delta Commanders and guild officers.

Furthermore, there is a zero-tolerance policy to ignoring or disobeying Delta Leadership during a Delta Event.  Depending upon the severity of the action, anywhere from a polite whisper to a one-week suspension to a permanent removal from Delta may be enacted.  Nobody wants to deal with jerks, so politeness and teamwork are required in TEO & Delta.

Delta nights are open to all TEO members, regardless of skill, gearing or experience. It is an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with teammates to accomplish a goal, and Delta encourages all members interested in running operations to run with us on Delta Night!

Delta also supports a HM/NiM Progression program running veteran & master mode operations. Details on how to apply for this program are in TEO Discord #delta_legion.